Apple Pioneer

James Hutton Kid who planted the original orchard at Pinehaven in 1906, created the Kids Orange Red, the Freyberg Apple and the world famous Gala Apple.

Capsicum Fact

Capsicums were cultivated more than 900 years ago in south and central America and were given the name pepper by European colonizers of North America. These can easily grow in different types of climate.

Pumpkin Fact

Although pumpkins are traditionally take the place of vegtables in cooking, Pumpkins are scientifically considered fruit as they contain seeds. Pumpkins are closely related to melons.

Beans Fact

Beans are the only cultivated plants that actually enrich, rather than deplete the soil during the growing process. How is this possible? Legumes have nodules on the roots that add nitrogen to the soil instead of using it up.

Carrot Fact

Hippocrates recommended women eat carrot seeds to prevent pregnancy. The first carrots were not grown for food; they were to be used as medicine.

Zucchini Fact

According to World's Healthiest Foods Nutrition info, nutrients and vitamins found in zucchini can help prevent cancer and heart disease.

A collection of the apples James Hutton Kidd invented. A close up of a variety of capsicums A giant pile of pumpins stacked together. A close up of a large quantity of beans. A big assortment of carrots.

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